Jon Rees

Project Manager

Building Services Team

Jon Rees

Jon has been working within the construction industry for a couple of decades. In 2014, he started his career at ARH as an HVAC Engineer; he soon progressed to a Site Supervisor and shortly after Mechanical Services Supervisor. After producing a good track record of onsite project delivery and customer relations, Jon was appointed as a Project Manager in 2018. As a Project Manager, Jon delivers a variety of projects for our key clients ranging from, Mechanical and Electrical installations to full turnkey projects, including building works and groundworks.


Jon’s extensive experience in the construction industry supports him to approach any building services challenge confidently. He has an in-depth knowledge of our industry and prides himself upon his customer relationships and reliability. His colleagues would describe Jon as supportive, hardworking, and reliable. In his spare time, alongside being a father, Jon enjoys playing golf. He is a keen sailor and has been fortunate enough to travel around Europe and across the Atlantic extensively.

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