Case Studies

Whilst we would love to share a lot more of our case studies with you, many of the programmes of work we undertake are security or business sensitive, and therefore the details are confidential.  However, the following clients are delighted to share details of the work we undertake for them.  We will be adding to these case studies regularly.
Vehicle Manufacturing Plant, Solihull

Project Overview

ARH are currently installing an indoor monorail system for one of the UK’s largest Vehicle Manufacturers. The project involves installing a 2.5 km stretch of containment and cabling which includes approximately 26 PLC panels and 60 specialist panels on 5M and 10M mezz decks. The project is ongoing and will involve over 20 specialist engineers by the time it is completed. The project also includes the installation of an IWLAN RCoax system that will run the full length of the monorail. This cutting edge product will send a signal to an antenna on each one of the 140 pallet carriers that will continuously run on the monorail, picking components for the manufacturing process intelligently and without any human interface.

Travis Perkins Group

Project Overview

Travis Perkins Group is a leading partner to the construction industry, in fact they are the UK’s largest distributor of building materials. ARH Group’s partnership with Travis Perkins Group began back in 2013 and has since gone from strength to strength. Now with over nine years of portfolio management, serving all Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Safety systems across the estate, ARH Group are proud to be working with and well thought of by Travis Perkins Group, successfully delivering over 7,000 work orders per annum, with an impressive response times to call outs and compliance statistics.

EV Infrastructure

Project Overview

Over the past 12 months, ARH Group Ltd have become a key supplier to several electric vehicle manufacturers, becoming the nominated single service supplier for each manufacturer across the U.K. and Ireland. These are commercial grade systems for larger infrastructure installations including passenger service vehicle networks, Postal and delivery Services along with large commercial fleet support systems. All our expert technicians are trained by the manufacturers at their European facilities. ARH can now boast an advanced technically trained team that is scaling in accordance with this exciting new market.

UK Supermarket Chain

Project Overview

A full refurbish and reimagination of the sales-floor and customer servery areas to accommodate a brand new concept including the installation of lighting, power, mechanical services and air handling systems. The project has been delivered in a tight timescale whilst keeping the store open to the public throughout.

Distribution Centre, Northampton

Project Overview

A large scale project that involves the significant refurbishment of Canteens, Offices, Welfare Facilities, Warehouses and Freezers at one of our client’s key Distribution Centres. Whilst there we shall also be replacing the fire alarm system. Projects such as these do throw up challenges which include working around busy periods such as Christmas and ensuring the facility can operate to 100% capacity whilst the work is being carried out.

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